A case of the Mondays



Mondays…we dun’ like dem!

Credits: alpha via GEEK & SUNDRY, Geek & Sundry and GIPHY


Independent Mauritius at 50 – 2


Celebrating 50 years of independence.

Credit: State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM)

The clouds of Covent Garden


Come with me to see 100,000 balloons floating majestically in an ancient marketplace.

Credits: Charles Pétillon via Contemporist


That funeral drop



Well they did say Uncle Dave wanted to go out with a bang, but a drop is close.

Credits: BRETZEL LIQUIDE, HUMOUR NOIR ET PHOTOS ÉTRANGES via Adrian Moigradan, GIFs Community and Facebook


Happy 18th birthday, Anjali


Here at Gifville, we’re celebrating the 18th birthday of my youngest sister. She’s cool, funny, articulate and dreams of being a top criminal lawyer. I wish you a very happy birthday dearest Spongy!

Credits: im-a-young-padawan and Tumblr via Giphy


Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 382



Cookie Monster just hit peak birthday celebration!!

GIF: cookie monster’s lucky day                                                                        DATE: 06/08/2010

Credits: Sesame Workshop via TLC


Give me liberty


… and free me from this coursework!

Credits: give me liberty or give me dess and Tumblr via Charles Garnaat, New Game and Pinterest