Waiting for something



What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting.

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When your mum keeps complaining about the fact that she is always doing the cleaning at home.

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Arjun flosses


The Floss Backpack Kid not only has a passing resemblance to my kid brother Arjun, but my kid brother dances like the FBK. BTW, Arjun is in the midst of GCSE final exams revision. Please wish him good luck!

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Sleepy baba… or is she?


Today I discovered that my youngest niece, Maliyah, is a little bedtime trickster. Only a month old, and she has already learnt herself the art of convincing her Mummy and Daddy Dearest that she’s asleep, but it seems she was caught just lying there with her eyes still open. She’s becoming smart like her big sister 😂

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