A sparkly leprechaun



This little green dancer from the hills of Inishboffin brings you a splash of sparkling fizzing good luck that courses through the veins of  the Emerald Isle.

Credits: nightdesire and Tumblr via GIPHY, Jan Brown and Facebook



Waiting for the Blade Runner taxi


I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Credits: artemykairyak 9.0 and Tumblr via ARINA LEGOTSKA,cyberpunk, web design and Pinterest

Unusual souvenirs and memories from Vaporwave Island



Probably the most arbitrary collection of things in a vaporwave GIF even seen.

Credits: hipsthetic and Tumblr via Hipsthetic, Tumblr Aesthetic and Pinterest


Heart eyes



The quick way to show your love!

Credits: Animated Text and Tumblr via AnimatedText and GIPHY


When you’re so dench


Not even the gym weights can handle your denchness (dench in East London slang means tough, physically adroit, strong, muscular etc.)

Credits: LOL GIF and Tumblr via Adrian Moigradan , GIFs Community and Facebook


Locked on target


We’re on to you!

Credits: Damascus Apparel and Tumblr via Robyn Lawrence, UISubmission and Pinterest


The North Star


“Like the North Star, you’re my guiding light as I sail into the night. Even though I’m alone I know everything will be all right” – Heather Hurt

Credits: noirlac and Tumblr via Arda BERBEROĞLU, retro and Pinterest