St. Patrick’s Day 2018



Happy St Patrick’s Day – Lots of laughter to cheer you and those you love near you.

Credits: BEST ANIMATIONS via Debbie Van Den Hoek and Facebook


Thelma the Brachypelma


She just wants to dance around your ceiling. (Brachypelma is a genus of tarantulas from central America)

Credits: Gerald E. Mowery and RUDOLPH MAURER PUBLISHING via GifCities and Internet Archive

Heart eyes



The quick way to show your love!

Credits: Animated Text and Tumblr via AnimatedText and GIPHY


One happy good morning for ya!


It’s the 5th of March, 2018, and here I am wishing you a good morning or hoping you’ve had a good one. Even though its a Monday (sigh!) the sun’s out, the cold’s gone and I’m feeling (mostly) fresh and perky.

Credits: jlsunshyne57 and tenor via Barbara Thornton and Facebook


Uber udder stroll



So this is how they make protein shakes!

Credits: apaperbag7 and tenor via Hanna Eisenmenger, GIFs Community and Facebook


PuppyCat evolves into… SnailCat



Now he will leave slime trails as well as cat hair on the sofa!

Credits: Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat and Frederator via VRV, Cartoon HangoverCartoon Hangover and Giphy


Eine rose wurd immer eine rose bleiben ob sie wil order nicht



A rose will always be a rose whether she wants it or not.

Credits: WiffleGif via Raghuram D, emoji and Pinterest