Minimal Volume, maximum UI awesomeness


A GIF of a website concept by the UI designer Matus Hatala.

Credits: Matus Hatala and uplabs via UpLabs, Web Icons & Illustrations and Pinterest


Sliced bust in vaporwave sauce


Ancient history – clothed in gradients and filled with custard.

Credits: Vincent VIRIOT, G I Ғ M K II and Behance via Tanya Filimonova, asia and Pinterest

The Design Museum


Today as a treat and a shot of inspiration, I visited the Design Museum, off Kensington High Street. One of London’s newest museums, the DM showcases examples of everyday design throughout the last century or so, from men’s shavers to graphic design. It’s a small and quiet museum, but very fascinating if you have an interest in design at all.

Credits: Design Museum via Vicky Richardson and THE SPACES

Let’s be friends


Nowadays, social media is one of the easiest ways to find new friends. Though criticised for impeding face-to-face communications, at least you can flood your new-found buddy’s inbox with emojis. Somehow, posting dozens of sheets of paper with emojis on them through that same buddy’s letterbox might end the friendship faster than it started.

Credit: Noelle (Noelle Campbell)