Sliding down the steps



Such a lazy kitty 🐱

Credits: Gif via Sue Ehren, Pussy Cats and Pinterest


The 145 box to Chingford


Everyone knows how cats love to sit and do nothing in boxes. Now, someone’s figured out a way to get kitties from A to B with boxes that move. Here is one would-be driver road-testing the new moving receptacle.

Credits: AFV via America’s Funniest Home Videos and Giphy


December snowfall



Since early this morning, it’s been snowing over much of the UK, and i was able to enjoy some of it as I had to go to the gym and then shopping. A beautiful sight to behold, but walking was awkward, with mushy snow and sludge on the pavements. Quite slippery. I got snow in places where snow shouldn’t be!

Credits: CHEEZburger Memebase Señor GIF via and Giphy


Work on a Monday


Lazy Mondays at work. That’s me… I wish!!

Credits: GIPHY Studios Originals via Giphy



Windows Defender


Windows Defender…. the technical version of a doddery old security guard who ain’t bothered.

Credits: Tech Comics via raulestradafranco, Giphy, P o l i s h e d 上品な and Facebook


Round and round it goes


Free food and games. It’s a cat’s life.

Credits: Reddit OddlySatisfying via Panah Rad, Rad GIFs & Videos and Google+