The flamingo step



Dance like a pink bird on caustic sand!

Credits: Monica Hodyl-Arnouk and Crazy Birds via GifCities and Internet Archive


Nursery karaoke



When your niece decides to show her new dancing skills plus karaoke gadget.

Credits: YouTube GB via Juli and GIPHY

Summer ice fever


Summer’s on it’s way and the ice lollies in your freezer are getting to ready to parrrtaaayyy…and then be slurped to death. Such is life. Pleasure before pain.

Credits: Bomb Pop via Bomb Pop and GIPHY

I fell in love with your eyes


Falling in love is great. It colours your whole world and makes your days inspiring.

Credits: Leona’s creations and Astronomy with Tru via GifCities and Internet Archive

It’s that library dance, bruh



That crazy dance you do when your exams are all finished and you don’t have to keep quiet in the library any more.

Credits: Reading Rainbow via LeVar Burton Kids and GIPHY