Thank you sir or (madame)


Gender assumption and thanks. A bitter-sweet pill to swallow.

Credits: imgur via folkingawesome, reddit r/HighQualityGifs and GIPHY

Bouncing off the walls, thanks to Canva


I am an amateur graphic designer, producing graphics for both my blogs and for my role as a creative consultant and social media manager for my friend’s firm. My fave go-to place for dreaming up cool images is the Australian online design bureau Canva. Canva has recently launched its Canva Animator feature, which enables subscribers to their Canva for Work programme to turn their designs into amazingly flowing and funky GIFs. Here is an example above.

Credit: Canva About

Spasibo – from Russia with thanks


Our first Russian language GIF. Around the sickly cute sun with angel wings is the Russian word “Спасибо” – meaning thanks. Thanks for being such awesome gallery visitors and for all your likes and comments.

Credits: TCalprinceali1 and Photobucket via Maria JoãoGIFS to share. GIFS à partager and Facebook