Dog food – aisle 5


“Excuse me, sorry to interrupt… do you know where I can find the dog treats?…”

Credits: CCHE and JoyReactor via Mediha Halce, FUNNY GIFS and Google+


St. Patrick’s Day 2018



Happy St Patrick’s Day – Lots of laughter to cheer you and those you love near you.

Credits: BEST ANIMATIONS via Debbie Van Den Hoek and Facebook

Watch me whip…


… watch me bow wow! Featuring Jazmine the Shiba Inu and unknown human.

Credits: KeepUpWithJaz and GIPHY


Thelma the Brachypelma


She just wants to dance around your ceiling. (Brachypelma is a genus of tarantulas from central America)

Credits: Gerald E. Mowery and RUDOLPH MAURER PUBLISHING via GifCities and Internet Archive


Dry-cleaning cat…



… is trying to get to the bottom of the pong emanating from your t-shirt.

Credits: Kitty and Instagram via The Dodo, Naamloss, TumblrThe Dodo and GIPHY


Never stop chasing your dreams


A feel-good GIF for now, where a dog owner who takes care of pooches with different abilities gives them all a chance to have some fun, fresh air and exercise.

Credits: Gritta Goetz, YouTube GB and GIPHY via Adrian Moigradan, GIFs Community and Facebook


Please, some more kibble


I want the chicken flavoured ones shaped like little fishies, pretty please.

Credits: ViralHog and YouTube via ViralHog and GIPHY