Vijay Shah was born in Barking, east London in October 1984 and currently lives in Plaistow, a few miles to the west. He is employed as a database researcher and assistant administrator and is academically trained in journalism.

He has been blogging for a while, and has a very successful news/features/personal blogging site, also on WordPress, at the Half-Eaten Mind. He also has a graphics site where his own created imagery and even more GIFs can be found at HEM Graphics.

Vijay enjoys good food, visual entertainment, current affairs, travelling, photography and lots of other stuff. Of course he loves GIFs and the animated side of the Internet and once used to collect them. 

He comes from a big family with six other siblings and is of mixed Mauritian and English heritage.

You can follow him on Twitter at @VShah1984 .


Gifville sign sampc39a7b69b81f1236


Credits: Imagechef and Giphy

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