St. Patrick’s Day 2018



Happy St Patrick’s Day – Lots of laughter to cheer you and those you love near you.

Credits: BEST ANIMATIONS via Debbie Van Den Hoek and Facebook


Independent Mauritius at 50 – 2


Celebrating 50 years of independence.

Credit: State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM)

Confetti in your browser


We have seen snow and rain in the hero section of websites but what if the website calls for a celebration? How would you like to have some confetti falling in the background?

Credits: Andrew Collins, Saijo George (IAMSAIJO) and Code My UI via Saijo George, WebDesign Ideas With Code and Pinterest

PuppyCat evolves into… SnailCat



Now he will leave slime trails as well as cat hair on the sofa!

Credits: Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat and Frederator via VRV, Cartoon HangoverCartoon Hangover and Giphy