My 33rd birthday – 3


Just got home, had dinner and switched on my laptop to find Google has wished me a happy birthday with this cute GIF of candles you see above. I just want to say thanks to my family and friends for all the lovely messages, texts, posts, calls and chit-chats I got today. I appreciate each and every one.

Credit: Google


Gifville mentioned on Reddit


This actually happened last year, but now I got round to mentioning it. One of our GIFs/tags got a namecheck of sorts on community website Reddit. In the post titled “Cloud factory switches to balloon production” on the Gifs Reddit, a user linked to Gifville in discussing the image, which depicted blue balloons rising out of a chimney stack. I originally featured the GIF, by Val, on Where there is smoke…there is…balloons? (October 2015).

You can see the Reddit post, with quite a few chirpy little comments here!

Credits: Vijay Shah and Blingee