Capitano El-Flop



Egyptian football. I watch it for the LOLs.

Credits: Capitano via GIPHYMohamed N. Mahmoud, GIFs Community and Facebook


Goat goals



This little fella’s goal: to be the best jumping kid on the farm. Looks like he can tick that off his baa-cket list!!

Credits: Best Friends via Best Friends Animal Society and GIPHY

Soccer sabotage


It’s a televised match between two giants, Barcelona and Manchester United. You’re about to set up a fantastic goal kick. You’ve just got the ball exactly where you want it… and then… sabotage!

Credits: Sky Sports 2 via Gifsoup, GifGifMagazine, Sanjay Dhingra, GIFs Community and Facebook

Sliding tackle


A tackle that failed so badly (or was it unluckily) that the poor guy slid right out of that pitch, right out of that football ground and slid straight onto the bus for the ride of shame home.

Credits: Nike via Nike Football, Giphy, UpsGif, GIFs and Facebook