Monster mayhem


A meme-based GIF from an old advert featuring the Sugar Puffs Monster and punk poet John Cooper Clarke. This post was inspired by ‘hopeless creative’ Paulie Monster. Wicked stuff!!

Credits: VHS Video vault and YouTube via Giphy


Lift hoedown


A one-man mission to make lifts fun again….. “Fun Floor!”. Featuring Ed Helms from the American version of The Office.

Credits: Reaction GIFsStevo485 and Reddit Reactiongifs via Giphy

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 121


To hell with your couch!! This is one super tantrum. And what’s the deal with those hellish high heels?. Eurgh!

GIF: f**k_yo_couch                                                                                                       DATE: 13/04/2008

Credits: Comedy Central via Ratedesi Forums