Dot attack


A button-pushaholic’s buffet.

Credits: Jacob Sørensen and dribbble via Awa Sané, motion design and Pinterest


Dancing Miyomi



That’s actually a funny little dance she’s doing!

Credits: Mis Cosplayers via GifCities and Internet Archive

The jelly baby gets ready to crawl


My newest niece Maliyah is now past three months. She’s already begun teething, has developed a cute little laugh, and is well on her way to learning how to crawl. Go, go, my little ‘jelly baby’.

Credits: 我就是下二乙劉詠欣! via GifCities and Internet Archive



Mobile website or app concept by Riccardo Agostinelli using InVision Studio version 5.

Credits: Riccardo Agostinelli via Muzli, manmohan19sep, Web and Colour and Pinterest