One cent, one received


On the Gifville desk right now, I have a American one-cent coin, dated 2014, which I found on the stairs of my office in Fitzrovia. I collect coins and interestingly the first coin I added to my collection was a cent coin just like the one in the GIF above. I found it while rummaging through tins of loose change my Mum kept circa 1997.

Credits: The Gif via Giphy

Bon Lundi

Today it’s a Monday. Normally it’s the beginning of the working week, so everyone is walking around with glum looks, but in the UK it is a bank holiday, so no work. Sadly the weather is even more miserable than office dudes on a Monday morning.

‘Bon Lundi’ is French for ‘Happy Monday’.

Credits: GIFS Gratuits PJC via Corinne PatardGIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook

Notting Hill Carnival 2015 – Police row-de-boat

This Sunday and tomorrow (the August Bank Holiday weekend), west London plays host to the Notting Hill Carnival, a celebration of great Caribbean food, dance, music, culture and camaraderie. Everyone wants to get their ‘dutty wine’ on and even the police officers in attendance are not immune to some calypso high jinks, assuming they didn’t first down six-packs of Red Stripe on duty.

Credit: Now. Here. This.

Raksha Bandhan 2015 – 3




Lots of love and ‘dher saaree khushiyaan’ (many joyous occasions) on Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan)

These special posts for today are dedicated to my sisters Sherrie, Alia and Anjali.

Normal Gifville posting resumes tomorrow.