It’s a dog’s life


Walking around on some soppy leash…naah!, done that before. Let’s try some human stuff.

Credits: GIPHY via Sanjay Dhingra. GIFs Community and Facebook


That’s a smoking Streamer. Literally


When you’re too focused on streaming online.

Credits: youandmeandrainbows and imgur via Hero Acer, Reaction Gifs and Google+

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 366



Darkwing Duck, after retiring from fighting crime in the 1990s, emigrates to Gifville for a new life. Once settled, the plucky ex-good guy reinvents himself as a master Guitar Hero player – competitive level. Who said heroes couldn’t be reborn?

GIF: darkwing duck theme                                                                                                              DATE: 01/05/2010

Credits: Ratedesi Forums