Wash the kitty



Bathtime in a house somewhere.
Little boy: Oh kitty, look at dirty naughty cat. Let’s have a bath!
Cat: Hey, I’m good than… let go of my paws son!
Cat: Oh Lord, I’m soaked through and through. I gotta get out!
Cat: :/
Little boy: 😀

Credits: CatGifs.org via GIPHY, Gifng, Alexander Smith, Gifng and Facebook

Relatable Bathroom Gif



When you go to the bathroom during commercials and hear the show come back on.

Unlike famed cartoon starfish Patrick Star of Spongebob Squarepants here, I would strongly advise you not to be so desperate to catch the show that you risk infringing public decency laws. Besides you might trip over and faceplant the ground like our pink star-shaped friend here.

Credits: GIFSec.com