The PC folder



At my jobs I see a lot of these guys on the computer screen. It’s where I keep all my essential stuff and fulfil my speciality in being organised. All hail the folder, saviour of students and desk jockeys!

Credits: Hector Tilla and Prácticas de C++ Builder via GifCities and Internet Archive


A case of the Mondays



Mondays…we dun’ like dem!

Credits: alpha via GEEK & SUNDRY, Geek & Sundry and GIPHY

The meeting to end all meetings


When you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Frank’s projections for 2018 Q2 and just want to get out of this dreary conference room, any way you can.

Credits: imgur via go_kart_mozart, reddit GIFs, GIPHY, Mohammad Jakaria, GIFs Community and Facebook

Easy money, this stapling is


Thousands of dollars just for stapling together booklets. Really!? I know people who do this as part of their duties in full time office work, and they don’t get that much!

Credits: Worldwide Work At Home Employment Opportunities and Resources: via GifCities and Internet Archive