Wash the kitty



Bathtime in a house somewhere.
Little boy: Oh kitty, look at dirty naughty cat. Let’s have a bath!
Cat: Hey, I’m good than… let go of my paws son!
Cat: Oh Lord, I’m soaked through and through. I gotta get out!
Cat: :/
Little boy: ūüėÄ

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When you still have outstanding tasks at work on Monday, and you don’t know what to start working on first.

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Panic has set in. Everyone head for the fire exit. Please don’t collect any belongings or Internet slang acronyms. Thank you.

GIF: omgonoz                                                                                                                                        DATE: 11/12/2008

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Nearly lost my phone yesterday


This was me yesterday, only I was in the kitchen. I had just returned from my Mum’s house in Seven Kings. I was ready to pull out my phone to check some messages. Only the phone wasn’t there. Not in my jeans pockets, not in my jacket pockets, certainly not in my bag. Panic immediately set in. I rushed upstairs and turned on my laptop, and searched ‘where is my phone?’ on Google. The tracker showed me that my phone was in south Newham. I had left it on the bus. I rushed out of the house and waited at the bus stop for around 20 minutes in freezing cold weather. I eventually was able to board the bus and after a quick description, the driver reunited me with my lost gadget.

I would like to humbly thank the driver of the 473 heading towards North Woolwich from Stratford Bus Station around 10.30 pm and the kindheart who handed my phone into him. You are both angels who deserve many blessings.

Moral of the story: Don’t leave your phone in a trouser pocket. It can easily fall out. I was very lucky.

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Fatal floppy disks. It’s no surprise that these chunky plastic squares full of data and magnetic tape were superseded by the less guillotine-like USB drive and cloud software.

GIF: thcomputerdummies                                                                                            DATE: 31/05/2008

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