It’s like a manual window roller in a Tesla



An ingenious cleaning robot being used to clean off the dust from solar panel farms in the desert.

Credits: iwasdoingfinelurking and imgur via Panah Rad, Rad GIFs & Videos and Google+, Stanislav Sinyagin

Solar flower


A rotating ‘flower’ array of solar panels. Just like it’s counterpart the sunflower, the structure swivels around to catch the maximum of solar energy for conversion to electricity. This post was influenced by the Twitter account Solar Energy Now.

Credits: MUSE School CA and YouTube via NowThis, imgur, Reddit GIFs and Giphy

Rayton Solar’s silicon wafers


A CGI GIF by Rayton Solar, a solar panel manufacturer. They use laser technology to thinly slice silicon blocks with minimal wastage. As Rayton puts it “The standard industry manufacturing process wastes half the raw silicon block due to the saw blade that is used to cut silicon. Rayton Solar’s manufacturing technology is a zero waste process that represents a revolutionary new step for the solar industry.”

Credits: Rayton Solar via StartEngine, LLC.