Sliding down the steps



Such a lazy kitty¬†ūüźĪ

Credits: Gif via Sue Ehren, Pussy Cats and Pinterest


Dry-cleaning cat…



… is trying to get to the bottom of the pong emanating from your t-shirt.

Credits: Kitty and Instagram via The Dodo, Naamloss, Tumblr, The Dodo and GIPHY

Please, some more kibble


I want the chicken flavoured ones shaped like little fishies, pretty please.

Credits: ViralHog and YouTube via ViralHog and GIPHY


PuppyCat evolves into… SnailCat



Now he will leave slime trails as well as cat hair on the sofa!

Credits: Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat and Frederator via VRV, Cartoon Hangover, Cartoon Hangover and Giphy


Kawaii kitty banner – it’s cuteness in a rectangle


It’s a Japanese banner with a cute kitty that loves peekaboo.

Credits: thx da sky via GifCities and Internet Archive




Isn’t that a cute thing to wake up to?

Credits: Real Food RN via Real Food RN and Giphy


Um pouco de aventura


“Um pouco de aventura liberta a alma cativa do algoz cotidiano” – Clarice Lispector

“A little adventure releases the captive soul of the everyday grind”

Credits: Failarmy and YouTube GB via Sir Sverd, Os Melhores Gifs do Mundo and Google+