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Credits: სამსარა and Tumblr via Kathleen Webster, Gifs and Pinterest

Janmashtami 2015 – 2

Gifville would like to wish everyone a very happy Janmashthami.

I am praying for you… and I know he is listening. May ‘Makhanchor’ (the Butter Thief, a nickname for Lord Krishna) bring ananda (pleasure) and prosperity to your home.

Credits: Scraps123 via Forums and Giphy

Chewing auras

An unusual taste in cat treats no doubt. While most felines are content with Whiskas and catnip, this cat seems to be chewing on the fabric of the universe like it was a Hubba Bubba bubble gum. Indubitably delicious!

This post is dedicated to all the special felines in my life. Nayla, Neo and Lucky…for you.

Credits: Eygló Rúnarsdóttir, Awesome GIF’s and Facebook