A yellow circle that churns out shapes. Cool!

Credits: Rocketpanda, ?GIF? and Tumblr via F.Leo, Motion Graphic and Pinterest


Oh, hello summer


What I will be saying, when you finally do show up!

Credits: bubly sparkling water via bubly and GIPHY

Would you eat a slug?


Personally I wouldn’t. That’s just nasty. Just now I read on Quora about a teen who ate an uncooked slug for a drink-fuelled dare. He subsequently contracted a parasite, rat lung worm, from the mollusc, went into a coma for 400 days and is now a quadriplegic.

Credits: YvonneFoxx55’s Site via GifCities and Internet Archive

Full of love



Full of love like air in a party baloon.

Credits: Kochstrasse via Kochstrasse™, GIPHY, ViktorMontfort, > GIFs and Pinterest