WTH just happened here?


When your mate bends over to pick up something in a crowded public place and his trousers split loudly down the middle.

Credits: Saturday Night Live and NBC via Saturday Night Live, Giphy, Confi Danciel, Radio CONSEIL POLITIQUE . , Mauritius/Ile-Maurice and Facebook

A bear at the door means a corpse on the floor


Probably selling honey in the neighbourhood really. I’m really surprised that the elderly couple weren’t even remotely perturbed by the unscheduled appearance of Baloo.

Credits: imgur via Tumblr, L U M E N S ॐ and Facebook

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 199


In this clip from the WWE wrestling show, WWE Diva Melina snuggles up to her bae at ringside, only to get a shock when he turns out to be Shawn Michaels. Aaargh!!

GIF: shawn michaels hugzz melina                                                                          DATE: 26/07/2008

Credits: WWE via Ratedesi Forums