Iranian presidential elections 2017


A promotional GIF banner from the Tasnim News Agency of Iran, showcasing their coverage of that nation’s presidential elections next week. The GIF features the Iranian national flag fluttering in the wind, and a ticker tape featuring the agency’s URL. I stumbled across this work of art while collecting articles for tweeting in one of my roles as a social media manager.

Credit: Tasnim News Agency

HEMNA tablet mockup


This GIF was produced from a site where you can enter a site URL and it shows the site on a background, like a laptop or mobile phone. Here I put our sister blog, now called HEM News Agency on an iPad standing by itself. I made this as part of HEM’s 5th anniversary celebrations.

Credits: Vijay Shah and Mockerie

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 36


A simple GIF from the website of Newham council (local government authority) advertising translation services for the borough’s residents. The borough of Newham, where Gifville is located, is one of the most multilingual areas in the UK.

GIF: TRANSLATIONS                                                                                                DATE: 11/11/2007

Credits: Newham Council