Have you chosen your starters yet, sir?


I love restaurants and eating out, but sometimes there’s so much on the menu, it takes ages to choose. Might as well let the (rapidly growing more impatient) waiter decide. This post was influence by Ashgrove Restaurant in Green Lane, Ilford, who are throwing a New Year’s Eve party and buffet.

Credits: Recipes via GifCities and Internet Archive

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 45

This panda got the shock of his life when his bell for his home-delivery restaurant dinner (complete with silver service and waiter) came through. This GIF reminds me of a joke I heard once…

A panda goes out for a meal. As soon as he finishes, he pulls out a gun and murders the restaurant boss in cold blood before walking out of the building. Why did he do it?

A. Well everyone knows that a panda eats, shoots and leaves.

*slow clap*  *distant coughing*

GIF: GIANT_PANDA                                                                                                            DATE: 08/12/2007

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