Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 205


Our favourite bopping friend the Junglist is back, with some head-bouncing tracks in full swing. Ragga riddim!! Also see post #118.

GIF: crazy dj 6192                                                                                                         DATE: 02/08/2008

Credits: GIFTUBE via Ratedesi Forums

Le doux chant d’amour


“Il n’y a pas de différence entre musique et amour : l’écoute d’une émotion authentique égare absolument.”

“There is no difference between music and love: listening to an authentic feeling absolutely lost. “

 – Pascal Quignard

Credits: Maori Sakai and Tumblr via Fidjie Fidjie, Gifs Animés: animaux, art ,humour and Google+