Vijay’s 31st birthday – 1


Today, Sunday the 4th of October, 2015, is my 31st birthday.

Had a wonderful day yesterday at my Mum’s place in Seven Kings. She made an old favourite of mine, chilli con carne, for dinner.

Credits: via Chick Lit Goddess

GIFs with your name on them!

A selection of GIFs I tinkered with to add my name and other text, that are easily available on the Net. These GIFs are hosted on my site ‘HEM Graphics’ where I display some GIFs from my blog alongside graphics I designed myself.

The pink Hello Kitty one is dedicated to my niece, Shaniya (Shandora, Sha-Nay-Nay).

Credits: Various via HEM Graphics (click the link to find sources at bottom of page)