Wearing many hats

“Le fait d’avoir un chapeau sur la tête vous confère une indéniable autorité sur ceux qui n’en ont pas.”

“Having a hat gives you an undeniable authority over those who do not.”
Tristan Bernard
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Credits: Nicolas Monterrat and Un Gif dans ta gueule via Fidjie FidjieGifs Animés: animaux, art ,humour and Google+


Haunted house – a woodcut inspired GIF


It seems someone has some skeletons in their closet….

A Victorian woodcut gets the Giffy treatment with a creepy creeping skeleton stalking the hallways as we gear up for Hallowe’en 2015.

Credits: Tumblr via Liliane Brain, GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook

Testing the waters


An oil painting of a fayre Victorian maiden with a parasol and pink dress on a boating excursion comes alive as she tenderly touches the lake’s surface. A perfect meeting of traditional art and computer animation by GIF artist Mira.

Credits: Mira via Belles images à partagerGIFS Animated and Facebook