Lovely hallucinations



Trippin’ on all those vaporwave vibes.

Credits: saint-vhs and Tumblr via Yoolita, V a p o r w a v e • and other stuff • and Pinterest


Do you even remember?


…the crazy cacophony that was the 1990s?

Credits: saint-vhs and Tumblr via Felipe Nunes, vaporwave and Pinterest

Independent Mauritius at 50 – 3


Celebrating the beauty of our wonderful island republic. I may be an Anglo-Mauritian with roots in three countries, but I’m very proud of my Mauritian heritage, not just today, but every day.

Credits: Manoel Andreis Fernandes and Dribbble

Independent Mauritius at 50 – 1


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of independent Mauritius, Google launched a special Doodle for its Mauritian users, featuring the national flag gently fluttering in front of a tropical scene.

Mauritius Independence Day 2018
12th March 2018 @ Google in Mauritius

Happy Independence Day, Mauritius!