All work, more travel


It’s one thing to travel for business, but this man (Jeff Santos, a graphic designer and serial traveller from London working with Hostelworld) doesn’t let work get in the way of lots of travelling.

Credit: Hostelworld

New Uber rider

Yesterday night I used new taxi service Uber for the very first time from my mother’s house in Seven Kings (the birthplace of Gifville) to my home in Plaistow. My driver was a man named Muhammed who drove a Ford Galaxy. It was really fast, with the driver arriving at my Mum’s in only 3 minutes, plus I got a free ride thanks to my sister and only had to pay less than £2 extra.

Uber sent me an email with this cool GIF, and if any of you wish to use the service, you get a free ride on me with this promo code: VIJAYS10328UE (valid up to £10, if your trip costs more you get a straight £10 discount).

Credits: Uber