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When the nice but dim guy in your office reveals all the spoilers from Avengers: The Endgame publicly in the canteen.

Credits: NBC via imgur, therealme23, reddit r/reactiongifs and GIPHY

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When you get the crappiest team in the office fantasy football league, and you know you ain’t seeing that fiver again.

GIF: fist stuck in da office                                                                                                  DATE: 20/12/2008

Credits: NBC via Ratedesi Forums

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Useless office manager David Brent from the UK version of The Office put himself on the TV map with this cringeworthy dance at Wernham Hogg’s Christmas bash. You should watch the full version on YouTube. Guaranteed you’ll bust a gut.

GIF: david brent dance from the office 43                                                          DATE: 22/03/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums