Agha deer


Agadir… it’s a city in Morocco, popular among tourists. My brother went there for his honeymoon, and now I’m putting branches of an international bank in this city for a database I’m creating.

Credits: HÔTEL RÉSIDENCE RYAD via GifCities and Internet Archive


You’re my kind of perfect


A retro Eighties/vaporwave influenced GIF I cooked up late last year, complete with an old school TV set and a neat glitch effect. VHS Cassettes at the ready!

Credits: Vijay Shah and Blingee

Animating my name


As some of the regulars here may be aware, for the past few months I have been learning coding with the help of online code school Codecademy. Today marks the completion of their Learn HTML course. Now I’ve started a fun project/mini-course using JavaScript to produce a funky little animation of my name where the little circles move aside when you roll your mouse over it. The GIF above, from a Codecademy email, shows what the final result could look like.

Credits: Codecademy via GMail