I love you… car!?



If that ain’t trolling a girlfriend, I don’t know what is? The little kick and hug at the end was well cute though :3

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Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 324


The Mole played by Fred Savage is an undercover agent who infiltrates Douglas Powers’ organisation and becomes Number 3, assistant to Number 2. He is painfully aware of the irony that he is both a mole and that he also has a large mole above his lip. Unfortunately both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil cannot resist commenting on his facial feature.

GIF: austin powers mole                                                                                                                  DATE: 18/06/2009

Credits: Ratedesi Forums, FANDOM

Aaarrrgghh…little kids vs. errant hosepipe

I should try this next time my little niece pulls faces at me from the glass-fronted back door of my mum’s living room, but then Princess Elsa might turn the hose on me!

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