Scissor siblings


“A mauvaise langue ,bons ciseaux (pour la couper).”
Proverbe espagnol
#artwork #VladimurKush #JoelRémy

“A bad tongue needs good scissors to cut it off” – Spanish proverb

This GIF by Joel Rémy was based on the painting “Always Together” by Russian surrealist painter Vladimir Kush. Rémy is a French GIF artist who endows movement to the works of different painters and illustrations.

Credits: Vladimir Kush via Joel Rémy, Fidjie Fidjie, Gifs Animés: art ,humour,animaux… and Google+, Google Translate, ThirdDime

I like my sky shaken not stirred


A GIF with a surrealist edge this time round. I guess this drink will make you feel a bit ‘light-headed’. Quite cloudy in appearance too.

A twilight world where either the clouds are bushes or they’re getting bottled for mass consumption.

Credits: Ozneo via Giphy