The last of the summer


Day two of the late August heatwave here in London, and the sun is still relentless at around 30C. One thing I’ve noticed is that there hardly seems to be many birds around, certainly no gulls. Where did they go? Greenland?

Credits: Lafon Martine and Google+ via Fatma Özsezer, GIFS to share. GIFS à partager. and Facebook

Chicken feet and tea

While most people’s chickens just strut around the back yard, clucking, crowing, laying eggs and engaging in other pointless activities, my chickens are at a higher level. My rooster, Rajkumar, is now skilled in preparing tea and making sandwiches. Out of respect for his feelings, I avoid giving him chicken slices to put in my sarnies. The only problem with using avian butlers is I keep spitting out corn kernels and butt feathers with my Earl Grey, and they eat up all my bread like it’s going out of fashion.

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