End it?



A man in an Arab country stands on a building ledge, contemplating committing suicide. Bystanders and emergency services wait below next to a safety inflatable intended to catch the man should he jump. Meanwhile, a lone firefighter aims a quick kick to the would-be jumper’s back, sending him on a plummet to safety below. A tragedy averted. Captured on CCTV.

If you feel in a similar situation, please seek help or speak with The Samaritans.

Credits: GIPHY via Gifng, Alexander Smith, Gifng and Facebook

A suicidal search for a key

A man gets ready to leave home, and forgets his key. It takes a near suicide attempt and his whole life flashing before his eyes….and then he remembers where he left the key. Extreme solutions to life’s problems.

Credits: 4GIFS via GIFs and Facebook