Waiting for the Blade Runner taxi


I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Credits: artemykairyak 9.0 and Tumblr via ARINA LEGOTSKA,cyberpunk, web design and Pinterest


Helium Boulevard


Either someone is transporting a helluva lot of helium balloons for a party or the Earth’s gravity ain’t getting through at Junction 25.

Credits: GifGifMagazine via Milorad Vidojevic, GifGif survives Gif`s and Facebook

ah pouring rain with the sun setting…


It rains down in Tokyoooo!

Credits: MOCHI+PAN+ANKO=*W*Audra AuclairGosh! Comics London and Tumblr via Rumbidzai Savanhu, Illustration and Pinterest


Dogs are humanity’s good friends


In this GIF taken from video footage shot in Podgorica, Montenegro, a woman walking down the street becomes the target of a mugger in a yellow hoodie, only for an unlikely hero to step in, a street dog! Not all heroes wear capes, some have paws and sharp teeth.

Credits: Via Mediha Halce, FUNNY GIFS and Google+, Kíт


Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 400


Yay, it’s the 400th installment of Vijay’s Classic GIFs series, and today we bring you an epic fail from a Too Fast Too Furious fan whose drifting skills really went well, until the car hit the kerb.

GIF: catchmydriftp1                                                                                              DATE: 16/12/2010

Credit: CHEEZburger Memebase Señor GIF


Neighbourhood ski rally


It would be fun to try this here in the streets of East London, but we don’t just get enough snow. But a water slide on the other hand…

Credits: Via Panah Rad, Rad GIFs & Videos and Google+





Someone needs to teach these idiots the Green Cross Code. People, please never attempt to cross the street behind a large vehicle or run out without looking both ways.

Credits: GiFGiF via *GIFs, მე ვარ, GIFs CommunityGIFs and Facebook