Happy 20th birthday, Suraj


Today my younger brother Suraj turns 20. Two decades and he has been a great brother, always full of jokes and larger than life. I still remember when he was a little toddler, mad about Bob the Builder. Now he’s in University, studying cybersecurity. Very proud of my Chewy!

Credits: Ben & Jerry’s and Brian’s Flying Circus via GifCities and Internet Archive

Fear, dripping fear


In southern Europe, ice lollies everywhere are cowering in fear as the heat melts everything cold and icy. Meanwhile in London, it’s raining. Very ice-cream friendly.

Credits: 123pingu and Tumblr via Alexis Tapia and Giphy


Jammy O’Liver – sundae specialist


I wouldn’t mind slipping out of the office for a sly chocolate ice-cream sundae (the proper kind, not the shop-bought kind), but the outside temp is 30C, and I don’t think I’ll make it that far. This GIF was based on a 2015 video of a roasted strawberries and cream milkshake made by milkshake-ologist Raiza Costa.

Credits: Jamie Oliver’s, Raiza Costa, Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube and YouTube via DrantonMason, imgur and Giphy