Bike come to life



Hey, Tour de France operators, I got some great bikes for y’all. Yes, they can stop themselves. No, this isn’t a prank call.

Credits: via KeepGifNeige Blanche, GIFs Community and Facebook

No junk mail



It’s annoying having to sift through often-stupid junk mail in my email folders. The amount of rubbish and phishing scams I have to deal with. Maybe this little GIF might scare off the “$5 million from a Nigerian politician” chancers.

Credits: Bif’s Bags via GifCities and Internet Archive

The design monkey



This evening I’ve been letting my ‘design monkey’ run loose, picking great design and social media ideas off of the branches of creativity to produce award-winning posts for the consultancy I work with. I also shared a really cool graphic made with love by my niece as a WhatsApp status.

Credits: Zona Selvagem via GifCities and Internet Archive

Cat face-unscrambled


Can you unscramble the poor kitty’s face?. She seems to have got herself stuck in some kind of weird interdimensional Rubik’s Cube. For best results, right click and save the GIF, then upload to a website such as Facebook.

Credits: PhotoAction (Facebook) via ermile, Giphy, GIFs Nation, Shuffle Gif, Gif Club and Facebook