Tile dance



Imagine having a bathroom with tiles like these. Although on second thoughts, it may not be so good if you stumble into the bathroom after a late night pub crawl.

Credits: Silvia Guimaraens via Silvia Guimaraens, GIPHY, Giphy, Klim Dmt, Trippy Geometric and Pinterest

Machine learning demystified


According to our watches, it’s been 18 hours since the last machine learning news article surfaced on Google News. Do a quick search of the buzzword, and you’ll find a slew of Matrix-inspired green numerals running over a filtered image of a computer or brain.

Credits: Codecademy via GMail

Cat face-unscrambled


Can you unscramble the poor kitty’s face?. She seems to have got herself stuck in some kind of weird interdimensional Rubik’s Cube. For best results, right click and save the GIF, then upload to a website such as Facebook.

Credits: PhotoAction (Facebook) via ermile, Giphy, GIFs Nation, Shuffle Gif, Gif Club and Facebook



An anti-war ‘Blinkie’ GIF. Blinkies were highly popular as signifiers of online identity and beliefs during the first decade or so of this century. Many used them to speak out against injustices and the darker side of humanity. Post inspired by a tweeter named Lamine Diop.

Credits: Cliques and Webrings via GifCities and Internet Archive