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BBC, the UK public service broadcaster offers listeners of its radio stations to personalise their music choice, right down to their preferred artists and set up playlists as well.

Credits: BBC via Outlook

Say hello to your new financial coach


Another ClearScore GIF, this one more recent. I got this in March and there’s a happy customer walking her dog while skateboarding at the same time. Quite the multitasker. In the foreground, there is a smartphone screen showing a mock-up convo about the company’s Coaching service, to help people take control of their finances.

Credit: ClearScore

The Gifville office – through the fish’s eye



Another something I created myself. This GIF features part of the Gifville/HEM office (a.k.a my room) viewed through a fisheye lens. Edited using EZGif, the view starts at my laptop and moves to the bedroom window. Scoping out an escape route when I have too much work online to do perhaps?… even if I don’t flee for the streets with a frazzled brain, I will be experimenting more with my phone and making arty video GIFs quite soon-ish

Credits: Vijay Shah with the help of