Mauritius holiday Nov. 2018 – 2


As this is the last day of me being in the UK before I jet off to Mauritius (via Dubai) tomorrow, here’s a GIF of a dodo, our national bird. The dodo looks like it couldn’t get around fast enough, which might have led to its extinction at the hands of hungry Portuguese sailors and colonists.

Credits: Big Mike’s Avatars via GifCities and Internet Archive

A PC in the slow lane


My work computer really ground up my gears this afternoon. While fixing up a big file of data for an African telecoms event, the obnoxious little machine decided to go slooooooooow. Really slow. Damn near made me kick the thing in. I was cursing and fuming. Fortunately I was able to do some troubleshooting and closed down a couple of programs to spark up the PC’s performance again. Slow clap, Windows 7, slow clap, just like your slow self.

Credits: GIPHY via Lucidica Ltd

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 292


So you tell me you have run out of baby rusks? Are you sure? Those crumbs on your blouse seem awfully familiar… Mummy.

P.S. This be our first GIF from the 2009 part of the Classic GIFs collection.

GIF: o rly baby                                                                                                                                    DATE: 08/01/2009

Credits: Ratedesi Forums