Flower pot heater for warm pansies


A diagram of a simple room heater made from a bread tin, two terracotta flower pots and powered by candles. On Saturday, my landlord finally got his troublesome heating sorted out. He had a lock put on the cupboard housing the boiler (as he doesn’t like us touching it, the weirdo), but we also now have a thermostat in the kitchen, and the house no longer feels like Hell’s belly when he decides to blast the heating on.

Credits: Robin Bornoff’s Blog and Mentor Graphics via keep turning left

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 36


A simple GIF from the website of Newham council (local government authority) advertising translation services for the borough’s residents. The borough of Newham, where Gifville is located, is one of the most multilingual areas in the UK.

GIF: TRANSLATIONS                                                                                                DATE: 11/11/2007

Credits: Newham Council