A dystopian worry


Surrounded by darkness, a single worry can easily multiply into thousands more. Life is survival. Hope is freedom.

Credits: xxelb and imgur via pg, bits & gifs and Pinterest

Brasil problemas


Brazil is the home of great sport, but lately their sportspeople have been getting a hammering in the Rio Olympics. Host country athletes have taken a beating in both football and beach volleyball. Let’s hope things look up for the Greens and Yellows.

Credits: BBC Sport via Giphy, P o l i s h e d 上品な and Facebook

Crying man


A legendary Korean actor famed for his torrential tears. His real name is not known, but in Turkey they call him “Ağlayan Adam” or Adam the crying man. His contract forbids him from watching Titanic or chopping onions lest the tears deluge the streets.

Credit: Hızlı Resim