Festive bus schedule



As in, it’s Christmas, how the smeg were you expecting buses to run at this time? Get a sodding Uber ūüėČ

Credits: E4/Channel 4 via The Ident Gallery, Fidjie Fidjie,¬†Gifs Anim√©s: art ,humour,animaux…¬†and Google+


I’m home




When you’re really busting to get home quickly to not miss that episode of Emmerdale.

Credits: Gif via Mahmoud Sayed, GIFs Community and Facebook

Fine art parade



Live pictures just in.

Credits: GifGifMagazine via¬†Ivana LjupŇ°a,¬†GIFs Community¬†and Facebook

Dumb drivers and dumber pedestrians


The driver of a heavily-laden truck in China narrowly misses a jaywalker while swerving past another vehicle. Some people should not be allowed to cross roads without adult supervision… and some drivers should just go ahead and burn their licences.

Credits: Selwynn and imgur via Panah Rad, Rad GIFs & Videos and Google+, Dolores Aristud