That overwhelming sense of relief and euphoria that rushes drunkenly over you when you’ve spend a whole day in the office just having stuff thrown into your to-do pile from practically everywhere, and you finally get it all done.

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Air-con issues


In my office, we’ve been having problems lately with the air conditioning. Here it’s winter and the AC has been funnelling through really cold air, making it feel like we are outside. Now new temp sensors have been installed by an engineer for our floor, so hopefully we will be enjoying comfortable temperatures in the office. Hopefully.


Climbing the credit score mountain


Another email GIF from credit scoring company ClearScore, which I received about two weeks ago. At one point, my credit score was not so great, thanks to debts taken on for family members and other financial issues not of my own making. But now, I’m steadily getting closer to the summit (of a good score) and have even taken out a credit card recently, an act that was impossible in those dark days.

Credits: ClearScore