The chanting of the names


The chanting of the Lord’s names brings many benefits, including achieving closeness with God and peace in the mind.

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Jai Shree Radhakrishna


I offer a salute with my hands together to Achyuta, Who is known as Keshav, Who is the consort of Satyabhama. He is also known as Madhav and Shridhar, Who is longed-for by Radhika, Who is like a temple of Lakshmi (Indira), who is beautiful at heart. He is the son of Devaki, and Who is the Dear-One of all.

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Jay Sri Radhe Krishna – Christmas special


A Christmas flavoured religious GIF.

And now hear from me, Oh Arjuna, of the threefold pleasure; in which one rejoices by practice and surely comes to the end of pain.

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