In the doghouse



So wait, you stick me in this grotty old shed as punishment for chewing up your Doc Martens and now you want to be nice daddy. Psshhh… don’t let the door hit you on the way out…. grrrr… woof!

Credits: GIPHY via Gifng, Alexander Smith, Gifng and Facebook

Tension outside


When your pedantic manager gives you hassle over all sorts of silly things, and you want to escape outside, but it’s just as bad out there.

Credits: Rachel Thomasin and Tumblr via Epitaph, Lenin, 🌊 Vaporwave/Pixel/Retro/8-bit/psychedelic/Gifs 🌊 and Google+

Vijay’s classic GIFs 2007-2011 – 208


The late Heath Ledger claps sarcastically as Batman’s nemesis, The Joker.

GIF: heathledgerasjokerxc2                                                                                      DATE: 02/08/2008

Credits: Ratedesi Forums