Easter Sunday 2019 – 1


Get ready to open up all those Easter eggs. Have a very happy Easter from Gifville.

Credit: Debenhams

Can-can kick-kick


” Le football est un sport simple, rendu compliqué par les gens qui n’y connaissent rien.”
Bill Shankly

” Football is a simple sport, made complicated by people who don’t know anything about it.”
Bill Shankly

Credits: dobre sztuki and Tumblr via Fidjie Fidjie, Gifs Animés: art ,humour,animaux… and Google+

Have you chosen your starters yet, sir?


I love restaurants and eating out, but sometimes there’s so much on the menu, it takes ages to choose. Might as well let the (rapidly growing more impatient) waiter decide. This post was influence by Ashgrove Restaurant in Green Lane, Ilford, who are throwing a New Year’s Eve party and buffet.

Credits: Recipes via GifCities and Internet Archive